S W E E T I E (9x19)

"Things I dislike: Castiel, Destiel, Cockles and broccoli." Seriously what the fuck is wrong with you? Broccoli is absolutely delicious!

it’s not. it’s disgusting and everyone who likes broccoli sucks. sorry, i don’t make the rules but it’s true :))))





A quick fill for the spnkink-meme on Live Journal. Prompt: corsetted!Jared. (Photoshop CS6)


please only listen to this mix when sad (listen) →
((im just fuckin w/ u listen 2 this whenever u feel like it im not ur boss dude))

a bunch of songs that make me Legit Happy!!!!! ive always wanted to make a mix thing on 8tracks and since tumblr is, as u probably know, a (really) sad place and and i know some of you enjoy my music taste i thought Hey Yea im gonna make a HAPPY PLAYLIST (LIKE GENUINELY HAPPY)

track list

1. A Hundred Sinners (Come And Get It) • The Feeling
2. Do Better • Say Anything
3. Tomatoes • Shane Koyczan and the Short Story Long
4. Dance Anthem of the 80s • Regina Spektor
5. It all starts now • Foreign Slippers
6. Love You Much Better • The Hush Sound
7. Woe (Punk Goes Acoustic ver.) • Say Anything
8. Hum • Clara C
8. Nattöpet • Detektivbyrån
10. Generator ^ First Floor • Freelance Whales
11. Light Bulb • Rachel Goodrich
12. La valse d’Amélie (Version orchestre) • Yann Tiersen
13. Dog Days Are Over • Florence + the Machine
14. Folding Chair • Regina Spektor
15. Saviour (LIGHTS. ACOUSTIC ver.) • LIGHTS
16. Welcome Home • Radical Face
17. Perpetuum Mobile • Penguin Cafe Orchestra


Please tell me I heard this wrong, but did Dean just become a bigger dick by telling Sam that he wouldn't have done the same thing?











Some people heard ‘you wouldn’t have done the same’ and some heard ‘you woulda done the same’ because Jensen was slurring his words and likely poor audio quality. We’re waiting to see what the closed-captioning says when the CW posts the episode online.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah I legit heard “You woulda done the same for me” and I think if he hadn’t said that Sam would have reacted differently????

I definately heard “wouldn’t”, three times now, and I tried hearing “woulda”, and couldn’t.

He said “I know, I know, you wouldn’t have (wouldn’a as I heard it) done the same.” Definitely a dig at what Sam said about the whole Gadreel thing.

I guess it was the MoC loosening his tongue, amplifying his thoughts and feelings and stuff.

And I bet Sam didn’t comment on what Dean said, because obviously Jody was more important than starting a fight about this now. It’s not like this discussion is anything new between them.

No but later he DOES have a heart to heart with him about liking the killing too much and I feel like if he did that he’d also be like “DUDE, also wtf was up with saying ‘WOULDN’T’ when CLEARLY you should have said ‘WOULDA’ …” 

ya know?

I don’t think he’d have brought it up later with him, actually.  I think Sam said what he needed to say and if that’s how Dean wants to take it Sam knows better than to think he’s going to change Dean’s mind.  I think he’s not going to engage when Dean’s looking to pick a fight, you know?

I’m going to talk about boundaries for a second, because I have been through this myself, and can offer a bit of insight. When you put up boundaries with people that have harmed you or people you have to protect yourself from, you can’t let the person you are protecting yourself from guilt you.

You just can not.

Sam’s whole battle would have been lost, if Sam would have addressed the comment Dean made.

Sam brought up the right topic, it addressed Dean’s questionable behavior, it made Dean aware that Sam is watching out for him, and watching out for him, and that is all Sam could have done.

Sam’s dedication to his boundaries, but still being a good partner, is something I admire him for and wish I could have employed when I needed boundaries set.  

I’m sorry but the part I can’t get is, let’s say Dean did said “wouldn’t” and how does that make him a “bigger dick”?????

Because Sam didn’t say “I wouldn’t save you.” or “I wouldn’t try to save you from vampires.” or “I wouldn’t die for you.”. Sam said (and this the actual quote): “Same circumstances. I wouldn’t.” The bolded part is the important part and the part that Dean fans and Dean himself seem to ignore. Same circumstances means that if Dean were to die and the only way to save him was to let an angel/demon/monster/whatever possess him, he wouldn’t do that WITHOUT DEAN’S CONSENT. Sam wouldn’t make decisions for Dean’s body. Sam would ask Dean if he wanted something alien to possess him and to have control over his body because Sam knows how horrible it is to not have control over his own body.

Here, I even made a gifset to show people who seem to ignore the ‘same circumstance’ part what Sam meant with that. (rape cw, non-con cw, body horror cw, hallucinations cw)

The only reason Dean said that line was to provoke or to hurt Sam and it was a petty and dick-ish thing to say in that moment (Sam was physically hurt and Dean thinks it’s a great idea to say something petty lol). And he didn’t even quote Sam right (just like the majority of Dean fans).


hey, if you make a gifset or just reblog something that's related to Sam's arc in s7, can you please tag it as hallucination cw or something? seeing it makes me very uncomfortable for personal reasons.

yeah, of course <33 i will tag it with hallucination cw

i hope you have a great :3




I really hate to be late on the party.

To start again.


so I have this headcanon: the boys often had to snuggle up and sleep on the impala’s backseat ‘cause John liked to drive during the night and he didn’t want to waste time crashing at the motel if it wasn’t necessary. And somehow Sam always ended up sleeping atop Dean but neither of them seemed to mind


Since I changed my url I wanted to something new so “Sammie” aka Jared ’ Sunshine ’ Padalecki  ♥

Why Turkey isn't in the Eurovision song contest anymore? :O

Because Turkey didn’t like the rule changes the Eurovision people decided to make. They think the rule changes are biased and not fair but idk. I’m not expert so yeah. I’m just sad that this the second year Turkey won’t be part of the Eurovision :(

Atypical Eurovision Challenge 
Day 1: The country you’ll miss the most in the 2014 contest

I miss the boats made out of sheets, belly dancing, traditional music and red everywhere. 
I know they weren’t around last year either but I miss Turkey so much 


La Camisa Negra by Juanes.

Por beber del veneno malevo de tu amor
yo quedé moribundo y lleno de dolor
respiré de ese humo amargo de tu adiós
y desde que tú te fuiste yo solo tengo:

Tengo la camisa negra
porque negra tengo el alma
yo por ti perdí la calma
y casi pierdo hasta mi cama

Cama cama come on baby
te digo con disimulo
Tengo la camisa negra
y debajo tengo el difunto

jared padalecki + brilliant acting

"Season 8’s finale was stolen by Padalecki’s amazing acting, and it looks like he just might take Season 9 as well. ” [x]