dean gets sam back


Sometimes when I’m really really happy I can draw very quick and make a bunch of little drawings in a couple hours. All of them were for some of my followers.


Jared is the best!


Sam, do you want me to hide some chocolate eggs for you?


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like staring into the sun 

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hell even dean’s lip brushin sam’s forehead not even a full on kiss would be gr8 yes sam gives dean the samulet before their last battle against the villain of the season and a hug and teary eyes happen ugh *u* ( i definetly hope s10 is the last tbh)



what do you mean thats not what happened

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i’d settle with a forehead touch cause forehead kissin feels like super impossible :c and the samulet comin back before the show ends would be faaaaab

i’m still hoping that they will give us a forehead kiss because it will be the finale but yeah, i think you are right and a forehead kiss seems not likely but a forehead touch is great too :D

and yeah, the samulet. i want it back. i would be so happy if they brought back the samulet and if it’s sam who gives dean the samulet uwu they need to bring it back next season (which i hope will be the last season).

but no i just really want a sam/dean forehead kiss before the show ends. or the show should end with dean kissing sam’s bloody forehead saying “goodnight sammy.” and then they should both die. the end.

is this the time of the day/night where i can make silly text post and now one will notice because everyone is asleep???? because that sounds awesome :D


When Mary was still alive, she would often go to check on a crying Sammy only to see that Dean was already in there, holding his little brothers hand until he was asleep. Since then, it’s just been a habit of Dean’s to reach out his hand when he felt Sam getting distressed.