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I think yesterday was the first time, I was actually disappointed in/disgusted by some people in this fandom. I thought about making a bitchy rant but then I decided to make this. I think this gifset is proof enough of why Jared Padalecki deserves to be respected by this fandom. You don’t have to like him, you don’t have to like his opinions or agree with them but you should at least respect this man enough not to tell him ‘to shut the fuck up’ or to tell him ‘not to say anything unless he is being hyper or funny’. You should show him enough respect not to accuse him of ‘kissing Sera’s ass’ or not ‘having a clue about his character or the show’ just because he doesn’t worship your favorite character. This man has been playing Sam for 7 years. He knows Sam (and the show) better than anyone else in this fandom. He has every right to voice his opinion. He has the right to say whatever he wants to. He has always been polite and nice about his opinions. You should have the courtesy to do the same.

I honestly don’t understand how anybody can even think about disrespecting this man. Jared who calls this fandom his family and who is genuinely excited about going to conventions and meeting us and talking with us about the show. I just don’t get it and it makes me incredibly sad and angry that there are actually people in this fandom who  - even if they don’t like him (which I don’t understand either) - don’t even have the decency to respect Jared and all the work he puts into playing Sam Winchester.

I’m pretty sure that none of those people who acted so horrible will do this, but for everyone else, just go watch the video and be amazed about how much Jared loves us and how wonderful and humble and nice he is.

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