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wtf no no no

the-kitteh replied to your post

i don’t want that to happen …:/

sombergrace replied to your post

shhh no ela why don’t =/

padapadasomething replied to your post

i think so too because the only thing that could ever seriously be canon and that would “”blow tumblr’s mind”” according to dick hamilton would be this ugh

justtobebrothersagain replied to your post

i hope not uu” this season is so disappointing i can’t believe it. (they should have a side-storyline where sam is getting feed.) (i mean i’m pretty you would have been able to feel his ribs in vegas, right?)

carry-on-my-wayword-son replied to your post

I really hope that does not happen, but I think it is going too :(

well, at least i’m not the only one who hates this idea and it also wouldn’t really be an interesting twist. also, what are they going to do with a human castiel in s9? he can’t hunt with them and he doesn’t really know what it means to be human. is s9 just going to be sam and dean teaching castiel how to be human???

  1. theboykingg said: Nooo. I don’t want it to turn into a babysitters club where they have to take care of him. :| it’s bad enough he’s in the next season as a regular.
  2. padapadasomething said: i guess it’d probably be him hanging around an hunting with sam and dean at first ugh idk i hate the idea i hope that’s not it
  3. d5133judy said: I really really want him out of SPN but that’s never gonna happen because he’s a “fan favorite”. *snort*
  4. sombergrace said: i’m sure he’ll just magically have all necessary skills and everything, it’s castiel after all, everything about him is *boom magic* though this’d be really poor decision imo. also vessel issue bugs me?
  5. the-kitteh said: **sigh** i think i’m one of those few rare ones that want cas out. I just can’t see no point in upkeeping him anymore. His story should have ended already, but yeah… i’m not happy with his character anymore :/
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